Ting-I Hsieh

Ting-I Hsieh

Intern student, Virginia Tech
Master student, National Tsing-Hua
Vision and Learning Lab

About me

I am a intern student working with Prof. Jia-Bin Huang at Virginia Tech University. Before coming to Virginia Tech, I am a Master degree student in the Vision and Learning Lab at National Tsing-Hua University under the supervision of Prof. Hwann-Tzong Chen. I recived my B.S. degree in the Department of Information Management from National Central University.

My research interests include Computer Vision and Machine Learning, particularly in Object Detection, Generative Adversarial Network and Few-shot Learning.


  • 09/2019: One paper is accepted to NeurIPS 2019
  • 09/2019: First place in IDEAS SHOW x AI
  • 07/2019: aixpert Internship
  • 07/2018: oToBrite Internship
  • 01/2018: First prize on (The Cutting Edge of Deep Learning) course
  • 01/2018: First prize on (Computer Vision) course
  • 08/2017: Start my M.S. degree at National Tsing-Hua University
  • 12/2016: The champion of APICTA awards



One-Shot Object Detection with Co-Attention and Co-Excitation
Ting-I Hsieh, Yi-Chen Lo, Hwann-Tzong Chen, Tyng-Luh Liu
Neural Information Processing Systems
NeurIPS 2019

Hallucinating 360 Scenes
Ting-I Hsieh, Chia-Ming Cheng, Hwann-Tzong Chen,
Technical report
MOST SmartPano Project